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What is 3Gems Nutrition JEWEL?

  • JEWEL is an All-Stage Plant Enhancer that eliminates the need for multiple additives throughout the grow process.
  • JEWEL is derived from Organic Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum).  Kelp has been OMRI certified for over 20 years.
  • This key active provides the base nutrient that…
    • Growth
      • Improved shoot and root Growth
      • Increased lowering
      • Better yield
    • Stress Resistance
      • Protects against pest and diseases
      • Enhances photosynthesis
      • Increases salt and drought tolerance
      • Suppresses soil borne disease and nematodes
    • Improves
      • Nutrient uptake
      • Moisture retention
      • Nodulation promoting plant growth
      • Want and low temperature resistance

 What makes JEWEL different from other products?

  • Our proprietary cold pressed Manufacturing process allows JEWEL to retain the highest nutrients from our raw materials.
  • While more expensive than traditional heat process production, we feel it’s necessary to deliver the highest quality product to you.
  • Our goal is to support you with the best all-in-one products on the market to save you money on supplemental nutrients and to simplify your growing efforts.

 What type of growing system works best for JEWEL?

  • JEWEL works well with any cultivation system or substrate.
  • JEWEL can be used in soil and hydroponics

 When and how much JEWEL do I use?

  • JEWEL can be used in both Veg, Flower and Foliar 
    • In Veg: Add 2mL per gallon into water. 
    • In Flower: Add 5mL per gallon into water. 
    • Foliar Feed Spray: Add 4mL per gallon.  Discontinue after 4th week of flower
    • These are dosage estimates since all strains vary. Monitor your PPM levels for best results
    • An additional calcium and magnesium supplement could be needed
    • Use at half-dose in Aeroponics & Hydroponics

 I want to try JEWEL, do you offer free samples?

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer free samples but reach out to us about your growing plans

 What is your turn around time after I order JEWEL?

  • We strive to ship JEWEL out within 2 business days. We will send you order and shipping confirmation numbers for tracking purposes.

Can I return my JEWEL for my money back if I have used some of it?

  • We will provide a full refund (less shipping fees) if you are not 100% completely satisfied.
  • Please see our return policy and instructions for returns on the “Returns Page” on our website.

 Please e-mail us at with any other questions, and we will add them to the FAQ list if they are not already there.