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What is Boss Nutrients JEWEL?

  • JEWEL is an all-in-one stimulant that eliminates the need for multiple additives throughout the grow process.
  • JEWEL’s Active Organic Ingredient is OMRI certified.
  • This key ingredient provides the base nutrient that…
    • Stimulates the development of new flowers by enhancing nitrogen assimilation and basal metabolism. Because of this, the fruits become heavier than normal.
    • Produces an increase in the level of essential oil and cellulose content
    • Ensures powerful ripening and robust finish flowering. Since the ripening of the fruits also proceeds more gradually, it results in a more uniform harvest.
    • Enhances photosynthesis and cell division while also increasing protection against fungal, bacterial, and viral infections in plants by accumulating several phenylpropanoid compounds (PPCs) with antimicrobial activity.
    • Increases plant’s healthy immune system allowing for improved energy utilization to resist diseases throughout the harvest.

 What makes JEWEL different from other products?

  • Our proprietary cold pressed Manufacturing process allows JEWEL to retain the highest nutrients from our raw materials.
  • While more expensive than traditional heat process production, we feel it’s necessary to deliver the highest quality product to you.
  • Our goal is to support you with the best all-in-one products on the market to save you money on supplemental nutrients and to simplify your growing efforts.

 What type of growing system works best for JEWEL?

  • JEWEL works well with any cultivation system or substrate.
  • JEWEL can be used in soil and hydroponics (aeroponics, aquaponics, deep water etc…) and with any feeding.
  • Also works great as a foliar spray since the plant can absorb the flowering stimulation directly through its leaves.

 When and how much JEWEL do I use?

  • JEWEL can be used in both Veg and Flower stages.
    • In Veg: Add 2ml per gallon to your reservoir. Then, add your base nutrient until PPM levels of the reservoir mixture reaches about 1000 (Hanna Scale)
    • In Flower: Add 5ml per gallon into your reservoir. Then, add your base nutrient until PPM levels of the reservoir mixture gets reaches about 1300 (Hanna Scale)
    • Foliar Feed Spray: JEWEL can also be used as a leaf spray. For application, use 0.27 FL Oz/Gal
    • These are dosage estimates since all strains vary. Monitor your PPM levels for best results
    • An additional calcium and magnesium supplement could be needed
    • Use at half-dose in Aeroponics & Hydroponics

 I want to try JEWEL, do you offer free samples?

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer free samples. We do have 2oz. trial bottles available for purchase on our site. This is a perfect way for you to see how JEWEL works.

 What is your turn around time after I order JEWEL?

  • We strive to ship JEWEL out within 2 business days and we use FedEx. We will send you order and shipping confirmation numbers for tracking purposes.

Can I return my JEWEL for my money back if I have used some of it?

  • We gladly accept returns and will provide a full refund (less shipping fees) if you are not 100% completely satisfied.
  • Please see our return policy and instructions for returns on the “Returns Page” on our website.

 Please e-mail us at with any other questions, and we will add them to the FAQ list if they are not already there.