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What would the world look like if everyone smoked marijuana?

by Anna Wiesler January 04, 2017

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post are opinions purely developed by observation and experience… but we think you can agree with much of it!

Our thoughts are, that the world may be a better place. When was the last time you felt violent after smoking weed? Your answer is probably, never. It tends to create peaceful impacts. Hence the hippie movements. What’s so wrong about putting a peace sign on your van and befriending everybody? Sure marijuana affects everyone differently, as the psychoactive effect is stronger in some people than others, but if it provides you the usual high of just feeling good, then we don’t see the issue in using it.

Have you ever drank so much that you felt angry and even fought someone? It’s no wonder the phrase, ‘bar fights’, is used so often. You drink too much, your thoughts become muddied and you act out of character. Many regrets come from too many shots, but how many times have you smoked a joint and regretted it straight after? Chances are slim to none. Marijuana doesn’t make you someone different. The only actions while high that you may regret, are eating too much of that apple pie in January after setting a New Year’s Resolution to diet. Other than that it might put you to sleep earlier than you wanted, but the world could also use more sleep and be less irritable.

Putting marijuana into the medical perspective: if you’re going through severe pain or health issues, chances are you aren’t in the best spirits. You snap at loved ones for no reason at all. You feel anger and sadness building up in your body. But if weed can relieve medical symptoms, without all of the dangers of taking prescription pills, then you’re likely to feel better both physically and mentally.

The world could use a little relaxation. Everyone seems so uptight and ready to fight. If someone pisses you off while you are high, you’re not likely going to punch them, curse them out, or get your knickers in a knot over it. The indifference and ability to be positive allows one to brush off these moments, and not get stressed out. Which is healthier for the world, and healthier for your body.

Stress can do a lot to a person- Turn you gray earlier, provoke you to lash out easily, and cause health problems such as hernias, depression, and gastrointestinal problems. If all of that can be prevented, then that would be beautiful!

Also, maybe starving artists wouldn’t be so “starving.” Now, marijuana doesn’t just magically make you a creative person, but if you’re already creative, and you’re in a euphoria, you may put more of your heart and soul into a painting or a song you’re writing. And when that’s done, it’s noticed. Seeing that Steve Jobs has admitted he was a hippie in the 70s, it sure shows that weed doesn’t burn your brain into obliteron. Everyone knows that Steve Jobs was a creative genius, who shaped technology and how we work and communicate in this world. This quote about marijuana usage came straight from his mouth: “The best way I would describe the effect of marijuana and hashish is that it would make me relaxed and creative.” Perfectly said. If anyone debates either of those statements, it’s because they don’t understand cannabis.

It causes people to be friends that never would be without the commonality of cannabis. The Native Americans knew what they were doing with the “peace pipe.” Giving an offering of weed can help create new friends like never before. Have you ever met a person, connected, but became the best of friends after bonding over a bowl? Of course! It creates something in common that only marijuana users understand. Not only that, but the conversations can become deep. Instead of, “how was your day?”, you’re discussing more meaningful topics like how much your family means to you or how crazy nature is. So the world could get to know each other better, and lead to a mutual understanding. Could it possibly end war? Okay so we’ll slow our roll on the war topic, but it’s certainly endearing to think about the possibility of coming to agreements and peace treaties instead of using war as the popular option.

If you think there’s something wrong with laughing too much, getting along well with others, and feeling relaxed all the while, please stand up. And if not, then sit down and enjoy a bowl to the possibility of getting the world on board with marijuana to make it a better place.

So what do you think? We’d love to know your thoughts on what the world would look like if everyone smoked marijuana? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter how you feel!

Anna Wiesler
Anna Wiesler