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How it works

by Corey Christanell March 21, 2016

The science of how Heavy Boost works is pretty amazing....

The active ingredient breaks down and creates a salt that connects to the metal in the soil.  This holds the water allowing the plant to live and have moisture.

While the active ingredient is breaking down, it is stopping the soil from giving the plant nitrogen.  The soil responds by producing even more nitrogen and you get a surplus of nitrogen.

When Heavy Boost completely decomposes/breaks down, the plant goes on a feeding frenzy of nitrogen.  This is when you see the plant surge in growth.

The whole process is fairly quick.  It can happen daily, couple times a week or weekly depending on how much Heavy Boost you use.  The directions highlight it best.  Use a modest amount a lot.   

Corey Christanell
Corey Christanell