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Using Plant Nutrients to Speed Up Schedule

Hit milestones more quickly with improved growth rates.

When growing in any type of climate or setting, timing is a fundamental aspect, whether it’s for optimizing the environment or for economic reasons, the grower needs to be organized and prepared for the next step. Even though attempts have been made to alter crops natural schedules, most improvements appear on the surface to be marginal. However, growers that use the kelp-based premium plant nutrient, JEWEL, are able to gain a few days of growth here and there which accumulates rapidly cycle after cycle. You can’t alter a plant’s schedule of development much in terms of reaching maturity but you can hit milestones in terms of size more rapidly by manipulating its nutrition.

For example, an increased plant metabolism will cut time out of vegetative growth needed before hitting blooming or fruiting stages as it can fill a canopy more rapidly and allow a grower to get that much closer to harvest. As for bloom stages, one can time increased concentrations of various nutrients like phosphorus and potassium to coincide with upticks in metabolism controlled by the Krebs Cycle (or TSA cycle) that dictates the rate of cell division and thus growth in plants. As with certain varieties of plants, there are specific times when a plant’s metabolic rate is increased naturally from its genetic coding and one can react by providing the plant higher concentrations of nutrition to take advantage of the process.

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