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Using Plant Nutrients to Cut Costs

By simplifying plant nutrients you can reduce your costs.

When pressured to optimized a crop, there can be a tendency to complicate a feed regimen to target specific areas of growth like targeting the root zone or resin production. There are many tools and products that do work but they become expensive very quickly if you aren’t using them to optimize your costs. Finding the balance between the economics and results is key to success in an ever growing market. There’s rarely a product that will do it all but biostimulants, like JEWEL, are a very good start as they aide in every aspect of plant development while enhancing absorption of nutrients and minerals already present.

A grower can even see the need to reduce some parts of a base nutrient plan as a result. Also most naturally derived products, like JEWEL, allow for a shallow learning curve as experimenting generally does not carry as much risk as highly concentrated synthetics and can be more soluble, increasing their availability to the plant. Beyond nutrition, water usage is a big aspect of any agricultural venture. Creating a growing medium that strikes a balance between water retention and a healthy rhizosphere is essential. Man hours must be considered in this equation when it comes to watering and general maintenance. Simplifying a nutrient program can lead to gains in productivity and make it easy to react and change fewer moving parts. Using JEWEL successfully replaces expensive amendments, optimizes bioavailability allowing reduction in other nutrients, simplifies regimen, saving time/man hours. Order JEWEL online now.

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