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Puttin’ on the LBS

Better nutrients enhance grows and increase performance at all stages.

Whether growing in a commercial setting or in your personal garden, your harvest illustrates all your successes and failures. With yield being a principal focus, you must optimize growth at every stage in plant development, it is all about momentum. A few days or weeks of lackluster growth add up quickly over a yearly cycle. From seedling to flower, kelp extract directly increases cellular metabolism and thus its need for quality nutrition. As a result, when using our kelp-based premium plant nutrient, the JEWEL, gains are seen immediately in vegetative states where the plant’s overall mass grows from root to branch; where node production increases not only in the plant’s branch structure but the root zone as well, allowing the plant to more efficiently absorb nutrients in the growing medium.

A healthy thriving root zone is mirrored above the soil with tight internodal spacing and branching to allow the plant to spread out and reach as much light as possible. The canopy space must be saturated with healthy bud sites to ensure yield standards are met. In most commercial spaces, pruning is an essential tool to control and to direct the plant’s energy to where it is needed most. With the plant’s metabolism optimized, the plant can react quickly to the changes imposed by the grower and observed results can be seen overnight. Kelp extract, found in our signature product, JEWEL, is a great natural amendment to optimize what has already been given to the plant. Order JEWEL online now.

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