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JEWEL Plant Nutrient Feed Chart

Whether you are a small time home garden enthusiast or a large scale commercial grower JEWEL is the right plant nutrient for you. JEWEL is a powerful, super concentrated, liquid kelp supplement that can be added to home and commercial gardens, as well as hemp and cannabis farming nutrition schedules. This premium plant enhancer will optimize nutrient uptake at every stage of the growth cycle and can even be used as a foliar spray. Our motto is “give the plants what they need when they need it.”

When growing in any type of climate or setting, timing is a fundamental aspect, whether it’s for optimizing the environment or for economic reasons, the grower needs to be organized and prepared for the next step. Even though attempts have been made to alter crops natural schedules, most improvements appear on the surface to be marginal. This is why we have created an informative feed chart for JEWEL users. Not only does a feed chart tell you which products to use, but it also lets you know when it’s the right time, along with the details for how much of our super concentrated nutrient your plants will want in specific plants stages.

Following our suggested feed chart methods will provide you with the best recommendations and guidelines, needed to achieve the healthiest, largest, and most potent crops. Those who use hydroponic systems (using a soilless medium like Rockwool) should reference our feed chart more than anyone else because they are in complete control of their crop’s nutrient intake. The nutrient concentrations you must feed your plants can depend on the strain, growing environment, and even the plant’s stage of growth, which is why we have created this detailed feed chart for hydroponics, soil, and coco, but can be used in all growing mediums.

There is a huge difference between nutrient requirements in the vegetative and flowering stages which is why we recommend 2 mL per gallon in Veg and 5 mL per gallon in Flower. Other than JEWEL there are many different nutrients and brands out there to choose from that you can give to your plants. The most concerning questions that many growers have when looking for a new plant nutrient is cost-effectiveness, does it work well with my current bases, and what will it do for my plants. JEWEL takes care of those concerns and lets you worry about the plants and their environment. When venturing into new plant nutrients you have to be cautious because most plant nutrients currently on the market can cause a unique reaction from your crop.

For instance, one nutrient could increase the pH of the soil while another will decrease it. That’s the best part about using JEWEL, a cold pressed kelp plant nutrient, because it’s one ingredient does the work of many amendments. JEWEL amplifies nutrient uptake during the different plant’s stages. That means you can cut down on the cost of other nutrients that simply aren’t needed. Once you have a couple of successful harvests, you can further adjust the chart for the specific needs of your crop, including reducing the number of days in your grow cycles.

When starting out, make sure you understand the feed chart because it is essential to determine how your plants react after being fed. Otherwise, you won’t have a point of reference. When you understand JEWEL’s benefits, you will know what can happen by increasing or decreasing the intake of a certain nutrient. At that point, you can develop customized charts that account for a variety of factors including the traits of a specific strain, quality of water, and climate.

Since a feed chart involves weekly analysis, you need to go one step further and write a daily journal to record every single feeding. Not only should you write down how much of a nutrient you gave to the plant, but you should record the time at which you fed the plants as well. Take notes on how well the crop responded to the feedings. Timing is everything and when you find that perfect feeding schedule you will benefit greatly with a healthy and happy crop.

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