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3 Gems JEWEL Metal Testing 2019

3 Gems Premium Plant Nutrients prides itself on only “Giving the plant what it needs when it needs it”. By following this motto we have created the super concentrated and professional grade plant nutrient, JEWEL. We strive to improve the quality of products that growers use to help increase their profits, and simplify the overall grow process.

Cultivators in most industries know that their crops must be safe from contaminants to ensure not only quality, but safety, for their consumers. That’s why it’s crucial to know the hidden dangers of unwanted elements, especially heavy metals and how they can be prevented and eradicated from your operation. By using natural and organic CDFA Certified plant nutrients such as 3 Gems JEWEL, you can take the weight off your back and let us do all the heavy lifting. Metal testing is very important to us and we always try to improve our results with every batch to provide a cleaner and more efficient product to our fellow growers.

Our Ascophyllum Nodosum based product is prized for its source of not only Micronutrients, Macronutrients, and Minerals, but it also has a variety of organic compounds such as Amino Acids, Hormones, Enzymes, and general organic matter. When extracted, all of these beneficial compounds are readily available as a very concentrated material to be added soil, hydroponic nutrients, and foliar sprays alike. As you can see in the article photo our metal testing results for the most recent 2019 batch is always at an acceptable rate if not better.

One major problem in the plant nutrient world right now are Heavy Metals. They are one of several possible contaminants in Cannabis and Cannabis products, in addition to Pesticides, Microbial Organisms, and Residual Solvents. The key metals of interest are Cadmium (Cd), Arsenic (As), Lead (Pb) and Mercury (Hg) the FDA recommends that these four elements “should be evaluated during the risk assessment, across all potential sources of elemental impurities and routes of administration” for all drug products, drug substances, and excipients. Testing for contaminants like Heavy Metals is vital for advancing Cannabis research if the industry is to keep growing sustainably, and producers and consumers rely on labs with Cannabis expertise to provide this service.

If you would like to simplify your nutrient plan and not worry about having harsh chemical and heavy metals ruin your plants credibility check out 3 Gems Premium Plant Nutrients. Order now or email us at if you have a question for our Grow Specialist.

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