What’s the difference between cold-pressed kelp and dried kelp meal?

The difference lies in absorption. JEWEL is made from extracting kelp where kelp meal is simply harvested, washed, and dried. When extracted, it is more readily absorbed directly into the plant where kelp meal needs to be processed a bit by the living elements of soil to be made available to the plant. In short, you will have more direct control and results from using extracted kelp vs dried kelp meal. Kelp meal, due to the way it is processed, can also cause deficiencies compared to kelp that has been extracted.

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How soon will I see results?

If you’re adding JEWEL to your plant nutrient feed schedule, you can see results in as soon as:

24 hours – foliar feeding
24-48 hours – propagation
24-72 hours – seeds
48-72 hours – drenching
3-5 days – potassium deficiencies
5-7 days – flower
7 days – rooting

How does Jewel affect pH of my soil, hydroponic nutrient mix, and/or foliar mix?

Like any plant nutrient amendment, the effect on pH depends on concentration. Due to the presence of soluble potash, JEWEL has the capacity to slightly raise the pH of growing mediums and nutrients mixes but has been seen to be of minimal effect as the concentration is on the lower end of the spectrum compared to most other amendments.

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Can JEWEL clog or make my water and/or feed lines dirty?

The enzymatic extraction process that is used to form our signature plant nutrient JEWEL has led to a very soluble product, therefore has minimal effect on water lines but regular cleaning or rinsing should be a part of every growers’ schedule. If necessary, a highly diluted acid in water can work very well with little risk of contamination.

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What’s the earliest stage of plant development that I can begin using JEWEL? What’s the latest?

As soon as a seedling or clone has developed a substantial amount of roots and has reacted well to the first transplant, JEWEL can be implemented into the normal nutrient regimen. Always practice caution when introducing any amendments to young plants where it is smart to start with lower concentrations then gradually increase over time.

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I’m on a strict budget, what will be the least amount of JEWEL I can use and still see a marked improvement?

As for concentration, that all depends on the plant’s specific needs and JEWEL works best when used continually over the entire life of the plant. However, marked improvements have been seen when used at least once a week, but it’s not as optimal as regular use.

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How does JEWEL interact with other amendments and nutrient programs?

Due to the nature of kelp in general, JEWEL can be implemented with any chemical based and natural amendments alike. Little to any effect has been seen on living elements of soil like mycorrhizae and enzymes present. In all, kelp extract aids the plant as biostimulant allowing the grower to reduce the need for synthetic nutrient sources as the plant is able to increase absorption of nutrients already present.

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