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3 Gems Nutrition manufactures and sells SUPER CONCENTRATED professional-grade plant nutrients for indoor and outdoor use. We strive to improve the quality of products growers use, increase their profits, and simplify the grow process. Our signature product, JEWEL, accelerates the growth of hops, cannabis, flowers, vegetables, and more, in indoor or urban environments using little or no soil. We work with wholesalers, retailers, as well as professional and home growers in the United States who desire professional-grade plant nutrients that deliver results.

Our company name includes the word nutrition, because we believe to have healthy crops, you need a balance nutrition plan from seed to harvest. Our brand stands for compassion for the earth, the growing community, and a deep rooted love for the plant. We will thrive by working together.

Our signature product, JEWEL, is available for sale on our website. If you would like to setup a wholesale account or have interest in carrying JEWEL in your retail store, please contact us at

3 Gems Nutrition products are proudly made in the USA.


Our Team

3 Gems Nutrition is backed by a team of science experts, manufacturing and distribution masters, and generational growers.

Corey Christanell and Rich Browne are former executives in the hops industry that wanted to revitalize farming in America and beyond with a professional-grade plant nutrient line that improves the quality of crops and reduces costs to grow.

Branndon Sauls grew up in the Emerald Triangle and has years of experience in the cannabis industry. He is a fungus expert and knows just about everything there is to know about growing and plant nutrients. Branndon works directly with growers as a Grow Specialist, and offers nutrition plan advice for growers looking to get into the cannabis industry, as well as, growers seeking advice on how to take their business to the next level.

Shawn Welk has been lobbying for legislation for cannabis reform since 1995. He provided consulting services for multiple grow-ops, indoor and outdoor, from the mid-90s to late-2000s, and negotiated distribution deals between the farms and medical dispensaries throughout California. Shawn oversees the National Sales Team and works directly with growers alongside Branndon to ensure the integration of the 3 Gems Nutrition products deliver results.


Cleanest kelp I’ve seen in the res

- LA Garden Supply

Great for finishing product - visual and added weight

- Bay Area, CA

Reduced days of harvest "can potentially get another grow per year"

- Telluride, CO

Produces higher THC levels

- Humboldt County, CA

Jewel increases terpenes and overall flavor profile.

- Grassvalley, CA