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Plant Nutrients for Professional and Home Growers at All Stages


We are a professional-grade, all natural plant nutrient company that manufactures SUPER CONCENTRATED products to optimize your crops grow cycles at all stages. A healthy crop requires a balanced nutrition plan from seed to harvest, and it takes a lot of experience, plus superior quality plant nutrients. Our industry inspired formulations and experience are the essential elements of a successful nutrition plan. We offer super concentrated formulas to help reduce costs. Our products are CDFA Registered, Eco-Certified, and safe for use on consumables.


Our signature product, JEWEL, is a SUPER CONCENTRATED all stage plant enhancer made from cold-pressed kelp. Our manufacturing process hydrolyzes cold pressed kelp producing a fully soluble nutrient that delivers results throughout the entire grow cycle. Cold pressed kelp increases your plant’s immunity, increases nutrient uptake, stimulates growth, and increases yields. Smart hydroponics and outdoor growers take advantage of these benefits by using JEWEL as their all stage nutrient solution. When compared to other professional plant nutrients on the market, JEWEL is a better product and offers the best value down the to mL.






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Cleanest kelp I’ve seen in the res

- LA Garden Supply

Great for finishing product - visual and added weight

- Bay Area, CA

Reduced days of harvest "can potentially get another grow per year"

- Telluride, CO

Produces higher THC levels

- Humboldt County, CA

Jewel increases terpenes and overall flavor profile.

- Grassvalley, CA